Legal Ease Process Service

Your solution for all Summons, Subpoenas, Evictions, Divorces, Foreclosure, Small Claims, Circuit Civil, County Civil, Medical Records Subpoenas, Court Records Search & Copy, Skip Tracing, and Mobile Notary Service Needs.


The Team at Legal Ease Process Service is here to serve you and serve for you. We offer reliable representatives for your process service needed. Based in South Florida we can handle all your service needs whether it is across town, across the state or across the country, We are here to handle your needs professionally, precisely and in a timely manner.  We make it EASY for you.

What Makes Us Different

Years of experience and our specialized knowledge guarantee the results you are looking for. We are able to track the progress of each paper through our state of the art tracking software and are able to alert you when we have served your papers by phone, email or both. All papers are bar coded for EASY tracking

Who We Are

Success born of experience: Our process servers offer a high degree of specialized knowledge. We choose our process servers based on their professionalism and ability to think on their feet and exercise creative problem solving for difficult serves. In addition we also have servers and staff who speak Spanish, French, Hebrew and Hungarian.