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Our company understands that when you hire a process server it is often part of a stressful situation. You need someone who knows what they are doing, know what they are serving and someone that doesn't simply go through the motions.

Legal Ease Process Service provides expert assistance with an experienced team of servers. We place great value on quality and respectability.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

We have learned that the greatest concern that most clients have in previous relationships is the the process server did not do an adequate job of keeping the client informed as to their progress on serving their papers. In addition previous servers would "sit" on papers waiting for who knows what,  and we understand clearly that time is money and we are confident that we do a better job of keeping the client informed. In addition we provide PDF attachments of all affidavits e-mailed to our client immediately while the originals are mailed out allowing our clients to move forward faster! Plus the ability to track your papers on line, 24/7, to see what the status is of your papers and the ability to print your own affidavits. What could be better?

Overview: What Our Service Offers

  • We have many years of experience in process service.
  • We answer calls live or return phone calls within 10 minutes.
  • We perform all work with the highest level of care and attention to detail.
  • Our database management software tracks the progress of every paper
  • We notify you, our valued client, by phone or e-mail completing a serve.
  • We follow up with a copy of the original mailed to you.